Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ideas for still life photos for the beginners.

A still life as a work of art or photography depicts mostly inanimate subject matter, both natural (fruits, stones) or man-made (vases, cups, books). (Flowers and plants can be the subject matters for still life too, though it’s not correct to use the word “inanimate” for them).
There are the two types of still life: the found still life and the created still life.
When you think of a still life photo, you generally think of a created still life with your own composition where you can choose what subject matter, light and other elements to use. But when you photograph a colorful fallen leaf on a bench/a rock without making any adjustments, it’s a found still life. 

The objects for your still life photography are endless. Despite common belief, still life photography isn’t limited to just fruits/vegetables. Such simple things as a cup of coffee, a wineglass (even without wine), an old typewriter, a bouquet of flowers in a vase, a row of colored pencils…


 Use a simple background to focus the attention on a subject.

Try to experiment with various shots, adjusting lighting, angles, white balance in different ways and try to check your shots which one looks best to check which one of your shots looks the best.

All questions, requests, ideas and feedback are very welcome.