Saturday, June 17, 2017

Simple Advices on Composition in Photography.

Photography is not about an expected result.

When you visit a photo gallery and see just the same thing that you’ve expected, it’s not interesting. Every great photograph is something unexpected, it is always a discovery. You see a person or an event from the other side. You can see some details that you’ve never noticed before. You can gain a new point of view on many things.

Principles of composition in photography are absolutely the same as in painting. We need a hero. And we need to know what happens to our hero. So we need a story.

The viewers begin to empathize with our flat image when something happens with our hero.

He is struggling with something... He is committed to something… He’s running from something… It seems like there's something on his mind…  The viewer should empathize with our hero.

 We believe in a flat image, when the elements in the frame tell us a story.

There are styles of photography (such as abstract or landscape photography), where it’s not so easy to discover an obvious hero or a story. The viewer could enjoy these styles of photography for the correct composition and/or beautiful colors. This is another area of photography.

You analyze the photograph by answering questions such as: who is doing something, what is he doing, where is he.

You need to define the foreground and the background of the image.
Remember that the viewer’s eye will read the image from left to right.
If you found a beautiful background, choose the appropriate object.
If you found the great object, choose the appropriate background.

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