Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Help your camera to understand you better!

So you can do your best to shoot with the help of fully automatic mode. But you strongly believe your photos could be better. And you are right! You only must help your digital camera to understand you better. How? You can choose other automatic modes depending on your image which you want to capture. What do you want to capture? For your beloved smiling/crying/gloomy wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/kids’ photos you need portrait mode. For the image of amazing meadow full of flowers you need landscape mode. For the picture of tiny butterfly or little flower you need macro mode. For the photo of your favorite football team playing the best game you need sports mode. To capture your date under the moon you need night mood. To record the best memories of your birthday party you need movie mode.
Your camera has other automatic modes, such as:
portrait mode – camera will help you to blur your background (the part of a picture, that forms a setting for the main figures or objects, or appears furthest from the viewer) and your model (the subject of your shot) will be in the centre of attention;
landscape mode – camera will help you to be sure that as much of the scene you’re photographing will be as clear as possible;
macro mode – allows you to move as close to your subject (a flower, a butterfly, a leaf, etc.) as possible;
sports mode – camera will help you to capture moving objects (people playing sports, running pets, moving cars, etc.);
night mode – allows you to take photos in low light situations;

movie mode – camera will help you to record video and sound.

But you can experiment with these modes in the way you like. For example you can take interesting landscape photos with the help of the sports mode when you are shooting while moving in the car (don’t forget that this suggestion is for the passenger, not for the driver).
Here you can see the landscape image which was taken with the help of sports mode from the window of the moving car.

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