Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ideas for Travel photography for the beginners.

 Surely you know how the Eiffel Tower looks like even if you had never been in France. And you could know how the Charles Bridge looks like even if you had never been in Czech Republic.
 So there are many symbols which became so called “iconic” images.
 When you are travelling you’ll want to capture those famous images. And you’ll be right to do so.
        But there are many interesting details which are able to tell you interesting stories about the place which you visit. Look around and you’ll see wonderful shop windows. If you are in Czech Republic you can capture the windows with inscriptions in Czech or with Czech goods (famous Czech glass or beer for example). This advice also applies to other countries. 

When you stop at the cafe you can capture its interior design, the menu or the cook.

When a tour guide tells you a story that a bear in the Castle of Czech Krumlov took a bite of a tourist’s arm (well, the bear was not guilty, it was the tourist who teased him… and later the tourist received the opportunity to use his arm again after the surgical measure but the bear was killed…) you’ll want to capture another bear at the Castle. And maybe then you’ll find it interesting to notice more and more different bears – at the storefront, on the tourist’s bag, etc.

Every city/town has its own appearance thanks to architecture, people, traditions. Discover your own famous and unknown places, capture your own images. 
Happy shooting!