Tuesday, November 11, 2014

5 Surefire Tips for Capturing Emotions and Feelings in Your Photos.

Conveying people’s emotions and feelings is one of the main factors that makes a good photograph. When photographing people, present their emotions in your pictures, not only positive emotions, such as empathy, curiosity, interest, but also negative emotions, such as apathy, fear, hatred, anger. People might express all sorts of combinations of these emotions. Feelings and emotions aren’t permanent; they come and go.

 Stop saying “Smile” (or “Cheese”)...
 Do not force people to smile, to give a constant and similar look. Let them be as natural as they can. You can capture people even before they’re prepared for the shot.

Experiment with a full range of emotion.
Permit your models to be themselves, let them to be curious, fun, silly, happy, sad....You’ll get wonderful pictures.

Ask lots of questions.
Photographing emotions during  photo sessions can be not so easy, because people who know that they are being photographed tend avoid behaving naturally, applying their artificial smiles. If you have a conversation while taking photos it’s  the right way to capture the person's personality. If you know your subject, your photographs get better.

Get candids.
When people don’t know about the presence of your camera (when you are shooting street shots or candids) you can notice many interesting authentic emotions, unflattering facial expressions. All you need – to be ready to capture them.

Take photos during different events.
People usually demonstrate their emotions more openly during different events than during routine days. One of the events which is overwhelmed with emotions is a wedding ceremony. In the wedding photographs you can see a variety of emotions, such as joy and happiness, but also anxiety or tension.

Thank you for reading!