Wednesday, December 17, 2014

5 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Photography.

We already know that there are two main sources of motivation: inspiration and pain.

Maybe you find photographing to be frustrating at times… and enjoyable, rewarding at other times.
Being creative individuals, photographers need inspiration.
Inspiration comes from many sources and in many forms. You just must be open to new ideas.
I want to share some of the things that have inspired me in the hope that you will find something on the list that inspires you.

The word “inspiration” comes from the Latin verb inspirare, “to breathe into”.
Inspiration is defined as the excitement of the mind or emotions to a high level of activity or feeling.

Here are my top 5 sources of inspiration in photography:

*Beauty of Nature.
 Nature’s beauty is unrivalled. It’s changing from season to season; it’s changing almost every minute. Beautiful scenes and landscapes are waiting to be discovered and are always ready to be photographed. You don’t need to go far away from your home. Just look at the changing colors of the sky.
Try to capture pale pink in the morning, bright blue at noon, bright orange by the time of sunset…

“The artist and the photographer seek the mysteries and the adventure of experience in nature”. (Ansel Adams)

For the photographer aspiring to greater heights, there is no better inspiration than great art.

*Classic Photography.
One of the best ways to get inspired is by learning about the life of one of your favorite masters. Get to know how they developed their style; try to understand the stories behind the photographs. Try to find out why this or that photograph resonates with you. You might want to visit art galleries or to enjoy printed photographs in books. And today it’s so easy to find almost all great classic photographs in the Internet.

*Modern Photography.
It’s interesting to look through portfolios and galleries (both on-line and off-line), paying attention to the styles, composition, post-processing, and subjects that you like. You might want to try to incorporate these things into your own work — not to make a copy, but to acquire new knowledge. It’s useful to read articles and blogs on photography.

I mean not only books on photography, but fiction and non-fiction in general. If you are a reader already, try to read something completely different.

“Inspiration comes of working every day”. (Charles Baudelaire)
“When inspiration doesn't come, I go halfway to meet it”. (Sigmund Freud)
“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”. (Pablo Picasso)

Inspiration is very personal. You may not consider my sources of inspiration to be motivational for you. But I’m sure that the best you can do is to find your inspiration for photography… to photograph :)

Photograph because you enjoy it, not always because you want to create a work of art!

I would like to know what your sources of inspiration are. Feel free to write about it in the comments section.

Please feel free to pass this post on to others.