Friday, December 26, 2014

My favorite photographs of 2014 on

Maybe you are the hardest critics for yourself (you are not the only one:), I’m my hardest critic, too). But at the end of the year you might want to return to you photo gallery to select your best photographs. You needn’t set minimum or maximum limits, just do it and enjoy.

Here are my favorite photographs of the year.

I hope you’ll enjoy them with me.

 A colorful bouquet.
For all who love colorful world.

Beautiful Prague at midday.

"...every leaf is a flower".
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."(Albert Camus)

The spirit of Van Gogh.
“Café terrace at night” was painted by Van Gogh in 1888… This beautiful mannequin is looking at the windows of this café which is called now Café Van Gogh...

The first spring days.
A young couple looks like at the impressionist’s paintings…

 We are ready to pose for a fee.
These horses were pasturing near the motor road. Of course I couldn’t just pass by… I had some bread with me, so they were ready to pose for fee.

The chamomiles.
These chamomiles I found these chamomiles outside from the field, or, to be precise, in a flower store.
 Surely, everyone's got different tastes. One person likes roses, another – chamomiles, one likes sharpness, another – blur…

The beauty of the winter evening.
The sun’s rays on the blades of grass.

 On a foggy September morning.
It was a beautiful, a bit mysterious morning.

The summer vacation.
The warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea…

Simple things…

Autumn mystery.
A foggy day is always a bit mysterious…

World of fantasy.
The sunset through the crystal glass vase.

White-blue loneliness.
An old bench in the winter park.

The sunny winter day (the Urals, Russia).
The beauty of the winter evening.

Český Krumlov.
The small and very beautiful Czech town Český Krumlov was first mentioned in documents in 1253 and was included in 1992 on a UNESCO's List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

To be ready to shoot.
There are several meanings of the word “to shoot”, including: “to fire a bullet from a gun/to discharge an arrow from a bow”, “to take a photograph”…
 So, I was standing at the embrasure of the Český Krumlov fortress, ready to shoot (to take photos), thinking about the defenders of the fortress who were ready to shoot (to fire bullets from the guns or to discharge arrows from the bows?) many-many years ago.

 Orchids: painted and alive.
Colored silk scarf is hand-painted with orchids; snowy-white orchids are alive. I decided that the scarf could be a beautiful background for real orchids…

 My Little Sun.
A sunny flower in a sunny day.

 A field of sunflowers…

 Golden Prague.

The still life with daisies.

Golden Prague is well
known for its fantastic beauty.

 Waiting for the miracle.
The evening was dark and cloudy… The sun hid out and it was nothing beautiful outdoors… But suddenly the sky was painted by the red brush…
So I grabbed my camera, my son grabbed my tripod and we ran to the lake to capture this miracle…

A tulip.
Flower’s life is so short… And I want to save its beauty – at least at the photo…

I’ll be happy to receive your favorite photographs. If you wish to let me see your photographs, please use the comment form below where you can paste a web-link to your pictures.
Happy shooting in 2015!