Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What to do when you feel out of things.

The truth is that every photographer is confronted with frustrating days.
You become exhausted with the same old themes and scenes, upset with your rate of progress …and some day you just don’t feel like photographing at all.

These feelings are essential for anyone trying to create, however this is not an excuse to back down. Every single day, no matter what the circumstances are, you can do something to enhance your artistry.

An obstacle in your practice can be the result of being upset. The source of the problem can come down to a simple lack of motivation. Too many projects, not enough focus and a lack of inspiration. This is the path to a deep dissatisfaction.

When this happens to you, stop, relax and focus on one small task.
You could choose a subject for your self-assignments.

 Here is the idea  for those times when you’re simply out of things to practice – choose as your subject:
-    doors,
-    windows,
-    parts of a whole,
-    sunsets,
-    bokeh shots,
-    raindrops,
-    graffiti,
-    the color red (yellow, orange, etc.),
-    shadows,
-    mannequins.

My subject was "Mannequins".


Happy shooting!

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