Saturday, February 7, 2015

5 tips for sunset photography.

“When you're watching a stunning sunset, could you say, ‘This sunset is interesting’? Only if you were trying to write a PhD about sunsets… Truly look, and then what you're looking at goes beyond interesting… There's nothing interesting about it, and yet it's awe-inspiring.” (Eckhart Tolle)
That’s why the right reaction is to go and watch the sunset.

You can see thousands and thousands of sunset photos, but does it mean that you must stop taking sunset photographs? For me the right reaction is to go and take sunset photographs, no matter what :)

You might want to experiment with different camera sets and different compositions.

Here are some technical aspects of capturing sunsets:

* If you want much of the scenery to be in sharp focus, set your camera's aperture to f/8 - f/11.
* To avoid risk of losing some of the warm golden tones of a sunset take camera out of auto white balance mode. Personally I’ve found cloudy or shade white balance settings gives a warmer golden tone to the sunset. If you’re shooting a sunrise and do want a cooler moody shot you can experiment with other white balance settings.
* To receive interesting results you can set your camera for negative compensation of 2/3 to 2 stops, depending on the situation.
* It’s worth taking more than just a few shots – the key is to experiment.
* Use a tripod. The darker it gets, the slower the shutter speed, making it impossible to hand hold your camera without shake.

Here are some examples for you.
"Fantasy world"

I took a photograph of the sunset through the crystal-glass vase which was standing on the window sill.

"The winter sunset"
The sun looks like the Christmas-tree decoration.

"Winter Wonderland"

I was standing on the frozen surface of the lake. It was so nice and peaceful here that the loneliness didn’t seem hostile…

"A minute after..."

A minute after the sunset… It looks as if a painter was trying to pick out paint on his palette…

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