Thursday, February 12, 2015

5 Tips to Help Your Photographs to Tell a Story (Part 2).

Tossa de Mar at night

We already know 5 things to think about when we’re taking photos if we want to tell a story.
A photograph conveys emotions, mood, ideas, which are the important elements of storytelling.
Multiple photographic stories might include the report about burning news or cultural events, acts of God or more ordinary things such as tourist trips, weddings, parties, etc.

If you want to tell a long story with the help of your photography you need to remember about:

introduction - shots that set the tone of the story, give information about the place, put the images into context (in a travel album these shots might show a macro shot of the tickets, in a wedding album these shots can include the wedding dress, the wedding rings, etc.);

plot (body) - shots that will probably make up the majority of your photographic story and show what happens, explore feelings, experiences, ideas.
(You might want to choose visual, location, stylistic themes for the plot of your story. A photographic story can focus upon one theme or a number of them);

conclusion- shots that will probably make up last impressions about your image/images.

Here’s an example of a multiple story.

“Blue paradise”Tossa de Mar.
Blue paradise

Tossa de Mar is a municipality in Catalonia, Spain, located on the Costa Brava, about 103 kilometres north of Barcelona. The first settlements appeared here during the Neolithic period. Tossa saw the Iberians (4th-1 th century BC) and the Romans (1st century). In the 12th century the mediaeval town was walled off and a castle was built.
...a castle was built...

By the year 1500 the first houses were built and remained practically unchanged until the arrival of mass tourism in the 1950s.
The atmosphere of Tossa seduces each visitor.
The atmosphere of Tossa...

During the early 20th century Marc Chagall and Picasso were magnetized by the area’s charm. (two streets of Tossa were named for these great painters).
The street named for Picasso

 Marc Chagall gave Tossa the name “Blue paradise”.
Here you could take a relaxing walk, idly looking around. You could do only what you really want to do. You could listen to the voice of waves, watching a fishing boat, which leaves the old harbor in the early evening, disappearing slowly in the blue color of the Mediterranean Sea.
...the blue color of the Mediterranean Sea
 You could enjoy life…

What springs to mind when we want to describe Tossa? Friendly people,
Friendly people...
a moderate climate, glorious mountain scenery, warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, passionate flamenco.
... passionate flamenco

 But the most striking thing is the Vila Vella (“the Old Town”) with its towers that were effective against the frequent pirate attacks of the sixteenth century.
The towers of the Vila Vella

I have been lucky enough to visit Tossa de Mar. I hope you enjoyed your virtual trip here too :)

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