Friday, June 26, 2015

How to Find Inspiration in Photography: Haiku and Photography.

 “To me, photography is not just a visual art, but something closer to poetry—or at least to some poetry, such as the haiku.”
                                                           Frank Horvat

As I put white peonies in vase I noticed a bee almost hidden among the petals. Strange as it may seem the image was familiar to me. And yes, I knew the image of a bee and the peony… from the haiku.

A bee

A bee
staggers out
 of the peony.
Matsuo Basho (1644–1694)

I carefully put the vase with peonies and the bee on the window-sill and took my camera.

Then I found some other visual images for haiku.

Winter solitude

Winter solitude--
in a world of one color
 the sound of wind.
Matsuo Basho

Over the wintry

Over the wintry
forest, winds howl in  rage
with no leaves to blow.
Natsume Sōseki (1867-1916)

 “As [with] the Haiku poems of Japanese literature, expressive photographs lead viewers into amazing realms of visual poetic imagery.”
                                                   Ruth Bernhard

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