Monday, July 6, 2015

The Formula That Can Help You to Control Your Success as a Photographer.

“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
Jimmy Dean
What is stopping you from achieving the best results in your photography?

You’re searching for the outstanding pictures. And in order to get these (you may think) you just need
a)    that perfect camera,
b)    that super location,
c)    that appropriate weather, so on, so on.
So many people are dissatisfied with what they have.
But is this new camera (super location/appropriate weather) really going to change you as a photographer?  There seems to be a mentality of “If only I had that camera (and other things from your wish list)…then I would photograph the way I want to.”
The best gear won’t replace the time of practicing, won’t give you a creative photographical vision or style.

There’s a wonderful equation:

“Events + Response = Outcome”
Originally developed by renowned psychologist Dr. Robert Resnick this formula could become the formula of success for you.

If you don’t like an outcome (an amount) you need to change/to control the components. But you can’t control events. The only thing you can control is your response.
So try something different, something new to receive new outcome, and every moment will become “that right moment” to you.

My previous post can be an example. I plucked a flower which looked like a dandelion but a dandelion-giant. It stood in vase on the balcony. The strong wind blew away the flower’s fluffs. So I put several on the velvet and photographed them instead of showering abuse on the wind :)

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