Sunday, September 20, 2015 First Anniversary Issue.

Dear readers!
I truly appreciate your visits and comments. My deepest gratitude to all of you!
My first post appeared a year ago.

At that time I wrote for the beginners mostly, because I found out that it’s not so easy to find the simple explanation of camera modes or exposure, for example. And I wrote about the tips for the beginners for the same reason.
But I intended to create the site that isn’t always about gear and techniques.
Photography has the power to convey ideas, emotions and feelings just as any other form of self-expression. That’s why I wrote about photographic therapy, inspiration, ethics, feelings and emotions in photography.
Every my article is of course my personal opinion on the matter. Surely I respect other people opinions; that’s why I love the thoughtful comments with readers’ ideas or requests.

Here’s the map of the blog.

1. Basics.
1. Is it a Good Idea to Use Fully Automatic Mode in Your Camera?
2. Help Your Camera to Understand You Better.
3. For Beginners: Understanding Exposure in 3 Steps. Step 1: Understanding Aperture.
4. For Beginners: Understanding Exposure in 3 Steps. Step 2: Understanding Shutter Speed.
5. For Beginners: Understanding Exposure in 3 Steps. Step 3: Understanding ISO.
6. How to Improve Your Photo Skills by Understanding Depth of Field.
7. “To Know the Rules of Photography” vs. “To Break the Rules”.
8. Does a Better Camera Make You a Better Photographer?
9. A Self-taught Photographer… Is It a Stigma?
10. How to Turn Photographic Theory into Photography?
11. 5 Ways to Title a Photograph.

2. Tips and Photo Ideas.
1. 5 Truly Useful Tips for the Beginner Photographer.
2. 10 Tips for Beginners to Photograph Fall Foliage (Part 1).
3. 10 Tips for Beginners to Photograph Fall Foliage (Part 2).
4. Autumn Photos with Tips for the Beginners.
5. Travel Photographs with Tips for the Beginners.
6. Ideas for Travel Photography for the Beginners.
7. Reflections Photos with Tips for the Beginners.
8. Black and White vs. Color Photographs with Tips for the Beginners.
9. Ideas for Still Life Photos for the Beginners.
10. Everything You Need to Know about Photographing People.
11. 5 Surefire Tips for Capturing Emotions and Feelings in Your Photos.
12. The Idea to Convey Your “Better Half” in the Photography.
13. 10 Ideas to Improve Your Flower Photography.
14. 7 Photography Tips to Capture Your Furry Friends’ Character.
15. 5 Christmas Photo Ideas.
16. 7 New Year Resolution Photo Ideas to Begin 2015.
17. How Photographers Can Get a Fresh Start in 2015.
18. 3 reasons You Are Not Getting to the Next Level and What to Do about It.
19. How to Photograph Winter Wonderland.
20. Mobile Phone Overuse in Photography.
21. Is It Okay to Photograph People From Behind?
22. Photographing a Café.
23. 5 Tips for Sunset Photography.
24. 5 Tips to Help Your Photographs to Tell a Story (Part 1).
25. 5 Tips to Help Your Photographs to Tell a Story (Part 2).
26. 5 Tips for the Blue Hour Photography.
27. 5 Tips for the Golden Hour Photography.
28. How to Capture Excellent Minimalist Photography. 5 Tips.
29. Self-portrait = Selfie?
30. Photographing Loneliness.

3. Creativity, Inspiration.
1. Don’t be Upset if You are an Amateur Photographer.
2. Are You Happy with Your Photographs?
3. Photographic Theraphy.
4. Colorful World in Photography. Orange.
5. Colorful World in Photography. Blue.
6. Colorful World in Photography. Red.
7. Colorful World in Photography. Yellow.
8. Colorful World in Photography. Green.
9. Colorful World in Photography. Violet/Purple.
10. Colorful World in Photography. Brown.
11. Colorful World in Photography. White.
12.  Colorful World in Photography. A Bit of Color Theory.
13. The Color Wheel Can Assess Depression.
14. What to Do When You Feel Out of Things?
15. More Ideas for Those Times When You’re Simply Out of Things to Photographing.
16. Inspiration From the Poetry for Those Times When You’re Simply Out of Things to Photographing.
17. “The Beginner’s Mind” or Is It Difficult to Say: “I Don’t Know”?
18. Break Through Creative Blocks as a Photographer.
19. How to Get Out of the Cycle of Destruction if You Are a Photographer.
20. 3 Tactics to Cultivate Your Creativity as a Photographer.
21. Imagination as a Definite Must-have for a Photographer.
22. “The Idea” vs. “The Technique” in the Mind of a Photographer.
23. What Purpose Does Photography Have in Our World?
24. Creating Motivation for a Photographer.
25. 5 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Photography.
26. The Pain of Failure or an Ache of Missed Chance: What’s Better for a Photographer?
27. Top 10 New Year Resolutions Mistakes to Avoid.
28. “We Bring to the Act of Photography all the Books We Have Read…” “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.
29. A Good Reason to be a Photographer.
30. Let’s Read Together. “On Photography” by Susan Sontag (Tourism and Photography).
31. Let’s Read Together. “On Photography” by Susan Sontag (about Diane Arbus).
32. Fears in Photography: How to Overcome.
33. The Phenomenon of Longevity among Photographers.
34. Criticism in Photography: Is It God or Bad? (Part 1).
35. Criticism in Photography: Is It God or Bad? (Part 2).
36. Improve Your Photography by Leaving Your Comfort Zone.
37. Photographs Steal Souls, Don’t They?
38. Photography vs. Painting.
39. Cliché in Photography, or Are No Photographs New.
40. How to Find Inspiration in Photography: Haiku and Photography.
41. The Formula That Can Help You to Control Your Success as a Photographer.
42. Feelings and Emotions in Photography. Part 1. Photographers.
43. Feelings and Emotions in Photography. Part 2. The Photographers and the Viewers.
44. 7 Ways to Capture Emotions in Your Photography.

4. Ethics.
1. Ethics in Photography: Do Photos Lie With PhotoShop?
2. Ethics in Photography: To Click vs. To Help.
3. Photographing Strangers: What You can and Can’t Do (The Ethical Debate).

5. Learn From the Masters of Photography.
1. 14 Things Ansel Adams Can Teach You About Photography.
2. The Main Lesson Vivian Maier Can Tech You About Photography.
3. 8 Lessons André Kertész Has Taught Me About Photography.

1. The Collection of Popular Photography Quotations by Anonymous for the Beginners.
2. 20 Quotes About Seasons that will Inspire You to Take Photographs.
3. Christmas Greetings and Quotes.

 7. Photo Essay.
1. The Last Colors of Autumn.
2. How to Create a Photo Essay: Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?
3. Photo Essay: The Sky of Prague.
4. Photo Essay: The Store Windows in Prague.
5. Photo Essay: Dance in Photography.
6. Photo Essay: Summertime.
7. Photo Essay: Sunflowers.
8. Photo Essay: The Fall Season Through One Leaf.

8. Photography Project.
1. My Favorite Photographs of 2014 on
2. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/1).
3.  52 Weeks Photo Project (52/2).
4. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/3).
5. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/4).
6. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/5).
7. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/6).
8. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/7).
9. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/8).
10. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/9).
11. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/10).
12. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/11).
13. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/12).
14. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/13).
15. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/14).
16. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/15).
17. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/16).
18. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/17).
19. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/18).
20. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/19).
21. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/20).
22. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/21).
23. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/22).
24. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/23).
25. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/24).
26. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/25).
27. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/26).
28. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/27).
29. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/28).
30. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/29).
31. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/30).
32. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/31).
33. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/32).
34. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/33).
35.  52 Weeks Photo Project (52/34).
36.  52 Weeks Photo Project (52/35).
37. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/36).
38. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/37).
39. 52 Weeks Photo Project (52/38).

“Our personal growth can fuel our photography and our photography can fuel our personal growth.”  (Brooks Jensen)

Maybe the best photography is partly technique, partly post processing and partly self-expression. Then to learn about photography we need to learn about all three parts. To improve photography we must improve all three parts.

Many thanks again, my dear readers!
Hope to see you soon!