Friday, February 12, 2016

Photo Essay: One Day in Barcelona.

“ Allow me to state here, how much I love Barcelona , an admirable city, a city full of life, intense, a port open to the past and future ” (Le Corbusier)
Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain and Spain's second most populated city. It is one of the world's leading tourist, economic, trade fair and cultural centers (read more here)

I had a chance to visit Barcelona and to stay there for 10 hours.

Owing to time constraints, it was not possible to admire all countless attractions, outstanding cultural and recreational offers.

So here’s an introduction to Barcelona.
The streets of Barcelona
“Barcelona is a very old city in which you can feel the weight of history; it is haunted by history. You cannot walk around it without perceiving it.” Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, also known as Barcelona Cathedral, is the Gothic cathedral and seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain. The cathedral was constructed from the 13th to 15th centuries.
Barcelona Cathedral
Barcelona Cathedral

Santa Maria del Mar is an imposing church in the Ribera district of Barcelona, Spain, built in the 14th century, is an outstanding example of Catalan Gothic.
Santa Maria del Mar

“Here in Barcelona, it's the architects who built the buildings that made the city iconic who are the objects of admiration - not a bunch of half-witted monarchs.” Julie Burchill
 La Sagrada Família -  Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family - is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, designed by the great Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926). Although incomplete, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
With an estimated completion date of 2026 and 134 years into construction, La Sagrada Familia has 2.5 million visitors a year. And some people assume that this tourism appeal lies in fact that it is one of the world’s greatest unfinished works of art.
Legend tells, when objections were raised as to the extended completion date of La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi said: “Don’t worry, my client isn’t in a hurry.”
The Cathedral continues to evoke a unique mix of controversy, awe and curiosity.  So George Orwell was quoted saying that this was “the ugliest building on earth”. Yet many people consider that La Sagrada Familia is the great icon of Barcelona.
The Sagrada Familia
 “In the Sagrada Familia, everything is providential.” Antoni Gaudí
The Barcelona Aquarium is considered to be one of the largest aquariums in Europe consisting of an extravagant Mediterranean theme. This the marine leisure time and the education center is a home to 11.000 animals as well as other creatures.
The Barcelona Aquarium

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc was constructed for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. Nowadays it is one of the city's most attractive night-time shows with perfect music, colored lights and moving water.
The Magic Fountain

It was a long day of sightseeing, a wonderful day…
So long, Barcelona!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned!
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