Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quick Tips Series (#7). How to Take Sharp Photos.

Though intentional blur can be gorgeous, usually we want to receive sharp images.

Here’s the list of useful things to do:

- hold your camera well (use both hands, keep both elbows in tight to your body, support yourself with some solid object);

- use a tripod;

- use the right shutter speed (choose a shutter speed with a denominator that is larger than the focal length of the lens; so if you have a lens that is 50mm in length don’t shoot any slower than 1/60th of a second);

- choose a larger ISO (you’ll be able to use faster shutter speed and smaller aperture which help with sharpness, but you’ll suffer by increasing the noise of your shots);

-  pick the focus point manually;

 - select the right focus mode (‘One shot’ means that the camera will focus and lock on a single object; ‘AI Servo’ is for continuous focusing for a moving subject; in ‘AI Focus’ the camera will choose between the previous two);

- clean your equipment;

- use lens ‘sweet spot’ (lenses are at their sharpest when stopped down 2 or 3 stops from maximum aperture).

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