Friday, May 27, 2016

Is Carrying a Camera Everywhere the Solution to Improve Our Skills?

Almost every photography newbie heard this common piece of advice: ‘Take your camera with you everywhere’.
 Well, this advice really does make sense: you will not take pictures if you don’t have a camera.

But to tell the truth most people don’t bring their cameras with them everywhere. Why?

They could mention several reasons.
They will not have any ‘photo worthy’ moments.
They have no time to take photos every day.
They feel uncomfortable taking pictures in a public places.
They could be afraid for their expensive gear which could be stolen (broken, etc.) during the trips. 
So on and so on.

Here are five reasons why you should always take your camera with you wherever you go:

1. Make the best for every chance to capture the unusual.

Photographers are often searching for the ‘perfect shot’ (or even ‘shot of a lifetime’).
Surely you do not want to miss your chance.
In this case, it would be a shame not to have your camera at your side.
You could read the story how a man ‘got photo of a lifetime by pure chance’. 
Jono Matla had literally just pressed the shutter button when the night sky lit up… and he captured the meteor. He was the only one on the beach. But it wasn’t just ‘pure chance’, because… yeah, he had his camera with him (read more here).

And it’s so true that “you miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

2. Having your camera with you (almost) everywhere sharpens all your senses. 

You wouldn’t expect to have fabulous subject matter in front of you over and over again.
But you will learn to find what is fabulous about the subject matter in front of you.
It will be very difficult (or even impossible) if you limit yourself to shoot only on the weekends.

3. Even 15 minutes a day with your camera will help you to become a better photographer. 

If you are not a pro, you could say that you have no time to take photos every day.
You can be surprised, but even 15 minutes a day with your camera will help you to become a better photographer, because your camera will become a natural extension of your hand if you take photos every day.

4. Remember that your body language tells everyone around you about your feelings. Be confident.  

If you are not a pro, you could feel uncomfortable taking pictures in a public places.
Do you ask yourself questions, such as ‘How would I look taking photos?’ or ‘What would people think?’
Do you know that no one really cares about you? Seriously.
When you understand this fact, you’ll find everything incredibly freeing. No one cares… but no one remembers your mistakes.

5. When life gets hard, boring or stressful… escape it all with your camera!

Photography gives you the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the present moment. Photography helps you to free your mind from the distracting thoughts.

So you are absolutely free: free to live your own life, free to take photos, free to fail, free to try again…
Just take your camera on your shoulder while going to the market, metro station or café. Be confident. 
And you can start taking photos everywhere.

It is said that Cartier-Bresson took his camera with him everywhere — to the café, to the cinema, etc.
This is the great example for all photographers.
But we must remember that photography is a skill.
If you take your camera where ever you go and just shoot, will you produce better results than snapshots?

So take your camera with you everywhere and focus your attention on high quality photography.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the blog and I’m excited to see you soon.

All the best!