Thursday, June 16, 2016

Photo Essay: Summer Mood.

“Summer has always been my favorite season. I feel happier”.
Zooey Deschanel

Every season has its own mood.
Merriam-Webster defines mood as a conscious state of mind or predominant emotion, feeling.

What is the predominant emotion/feeling during summer?

For children it’s the feeling of freedom. Without school and home tasks. With new adventures during vacation, with bugs and flowers, with bicycle rides and white sandy beach, fresh strawberry and ice-cream.

For many people it is expectation, expectation of magic, expectation of happiness.
And we need some life experience to understand that expectation of happiness is the happiness itself.

Life is made up of moments. Moments of happiness and moments of sadness. Moments of joy and moments of grief. Moments of summer and moments of winter.
We have to teach ourselves to appreciate every moment of our happiness.
Be grateful to the moments of summer.
Be grateful to the magic of summer.
Be grateful to expected and unexpected things. It’s all the story of your life.

Live your summer life, really live.

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