Saturday, September 10, 2016

On Passion for Photography.

I listened to a short podcast, Why Photography?, by Brooks Jensen from LensWork magazine.

He listed several reasons why we do spend so much energy, time and money on photography even if we are not famous or wealthy from it.

I do agree with every reason from his list:

1. Photography is fun.
It’s a special joy to take photos.

2. Photography is a challenge.
New techniques, new gear – so much to learn… There are always new challenges… but nobody said we have to be perfect.

3. Photography is a means to explore.
It gives us the possibility of discovering something new and helps us to be open and curious explorers.

4. Photography is a form of personal diary.
We capture things to document and remember all the details of our lives.

5. Photography is a way to engage the world out there.
Photography is a way of looking at the outside world with the light of our inner world.

6. Photography is a way to connect with others.
Humans are social creatures. Visual communication is the fastest way to explain something.
Photography helps us to connect with the world at a much deeper level.

We could add more reasons to this list:

7. Photography is a form of self-expression.
 As we have the basic need to express ourselves, photography could become both a creative and emotional outlet for us.

8. Photography is a form of meditation.
 Photography teaches us to slow down and pay attention to the world around us. It teaches to stay present in certain situations or to escape when it’s necessary.

9. Photography is a form of therapy.
 If we are troubled or anxious, a walk with a camera brings peace to ours souls better than any meditation.

Is photography going to change the world? Probably not. But it captures the beauty we see in the world, and that makes us happy.
That’s the thing I love about photography.

What role has photography played in your life?

Thank you for reading!
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