Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Second Anniversary Issue.

Dear readers!

Today marks two years since I began this blog.
My blog tends to reflect what I love, what I’m seeing and learning in the moment.

I’ve had   had visitors from 100 countries, including  United States, United Kingdom, Russia, India, China and Tanzania (for heaven’s sake!).
I’ve made connections online that have become friendships.

You can find here posts for 10 themes:

Basics (posts about rules of composition, reasons to buy a 50 mm lens, breaking the rules of photography, depth of field, exposure).

Creativity (posts about sources of inspiration for photographers, creative blocks and so on).

Ethics in photography (posts about stealing souls, ethical aspects of using PhotoShop, commenting, etc.).

Tips (posts about how to take best photos of trees and flowers, fall foliage and winter, and so on).

Masters of photography (posts about lessons great photographers such as Ansel Adams or André Kertész has taught us about photography).

Photo essay (posts about summer mood and collections, shadows and passages, dandelions and sunflowers, etc.).

Quotes (posts about quotes for action steps by great people such as Mark Twain, Albert Einstein or Confucious).

Quick tips (posts about vest camera settings for landscapes or portraits, etc.).

Musings (posts on photography as the self-therapy, being average and so on).

52 weeks photo project (“Orange” is the theme for this year).

If I can make my blog better and give readers more to respond to, I want to do that.

Do you want to be informed, inspired or instructed? Or are you seeking something else?
I’ll be happy to know what you are looking for when reading a personal photography blog.

I truly appreciate all your visits and comments.
 My deepest gratitude to all of you! 

Stay tuned!