Friday, March 31, 2017

How to Find Your Style in Photography.

“Style has no formula, but it has a secret key. It is the extension of your personality”.                              Ernst Haas

The author’s style is the way in which the creator conveys his thoughts in all types of creative expression – art, music, literature, photography.
The author's style is what is used to differentiate one creator from all others. Style can change depending on the subject matter. It may change over time. However the author’s style is unique.

What is the photographer’s style?
It is the individual style which is as unique as handwriting.
It is the combination of techniques and visual elements, such as composition and perspective, palette and the choice of subjects and technique of applying paint.

If we do not speak about PhotoShop, photographer cannot change his mind and change something in the captured moment as a painter. He doesn’t recreate reality, he captures the moments of life with his camera.
Therefore, the moment you press the button can be considered to be the most important element of the creative style of the photographer.

It becomes evident that if a photographer depends on a conjuncture or if he is afraid of the opinions of others, it will be difficult to find the personal style.
To make the photo really interesting you have to leave only sincere feelings.

It’s not so easy to stop in time, to say only as much as you need, not to make things easier or more difficult than you need. But these things you need for a good taste and impeccable style.

You need the ability to present your subject for the viewers. That’s why composition is so important.
Sometimes hints or the hidden details have a much more powerful psychological impact on the viewer than the element that attracts too much attention.
On the other hand, there is the danger that one elusive detail can be lost and this will drastically change the message of your photo.

So you should try to attract attention to the important component.
There are different opportunities for this purpose.
For example, you could place it in a compositionally important point within the frame, or to highlight the light.

Easiness is the element of good style. Jazz music could be a great analogy for the easiness in photography.

Personal style can be defined by your choice of subject matter, the way you use the light, your shooting angle, cropping, a particular tonal range you’re drawn to, your post-processing style, so on and so on.

Admire the work of other photographers. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by others. But don’t try to emulate it. Develop your style.
Forget what everyone else is doing. It is your intelligence, intuition and vision. It is your creative work.

What defines me as a photographer?
I think that the photographs in this post represent my portfolio the most.
When it comes to editing, I think that enhancing the colors or adding some contrast is acceptable.

Thank you for reading!
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