Tuesday, December 9, 2014

3 Tactics to Cultivate Your Creativity as a Photographer.

If you think that some people are born with creativity mind and you can do nothing, if you have no creativity gene you’ll be pleasantly surprised that we can bring out our dormant faculties and cultivate creativity.

Here are 3 tactics for you:

Capture novel ideas.
Sometimes a unique idea comes into our mind inopportunely. But we must remember that if we don’t capture our new idea it may never come back. That’s why you might want to type in your brand-new thought on your laptop or to  carry an idea notebook or voice recorder with you.

Set limits for yourself.
When we limit ourselves (for example, in time or in gear we can have) we begin to break our mental blocks because this limitation forces us to think, to find new ways. For example, if you use just one lens you’ll begin to find out more creative ways to capture the beauty of your subject than you would with all of your gear.

Develop your knowledge.
You might want to read books and journals in unrelated fields. You’ll receive varied knowledge and that’s the basis for creative thought. You’ll do better in photography if your mind is enlarged.

Follow these tactics and enjoy your creativity sparkle.

Thank you for reading!
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