Friday, August 19, 2016

How To Make Interesting Photos in “Boring” Locations.

“Boring” means dull and uninteresting : causing boredom. 
But “boring” is one of truly subjective terms.

For example, Yellowstone National Park (the U.S. state of Wyoming) and Egypt with the Great Pyramids are the world famous places.
 But you can guess that someone who grew up near these places is likely bored with them by now.

Is the subject really boring? If you see the same things over and over again, they can become quite boring. But to someone else, particularly someone from a different country, these things may be very interesting.
Surely what's boring to one person may be interesting to another person.

It's not the place (or the subject) that matters for your photography.

Regardless of where you live, you have chances to discover really incredible places to take photos.

But after photographing the same thing over and over again, it becomes difficult to see the beauty in it anymore.

As the photographers, we need to find inspiration even in redundant and boring locations.
You may have heard that a good photographer can find a good photo almost anywhere. There are no boring places to a creative photographer.

We all know that taking a picture everyday (mostly) is a good practice.
But is it possible to keep the pictures fresh?
 Can we take pictures of different things even if we are in the same place day after day?

Quick tips to help you find photos in “boring” locations.

- Look for interesting light.
 Instead of waiting for something to catch your eye by chance, examine your surroundings.
Seek out areas with interesting light.
Seek out any available light source. It maybe the laptop screen light, cell phone light, car headlight, etc.

- Try abstract photography.
A boring subject can be transformed into something unusual with the help of abstract photography when the subject is no longer obvious.
It is concerned with capturing lines and shapes rather than a specific subject.

- Change your point of view.
 Sometimes the place looks boring to you because you see it the way you've always seen it.
Change your POV to see the place from another perspective. Take shoots from the higher places or from the ground, just experiment.
 You will notice things you hadn’t noticed before.
Try another lens. This will help you to change your point of view too.

- Have fun.
Try shooting with a different style or/and using non-traditional photography techniques.
Try to walk your streets during times you normally wouldn’t.
Underexpose or overexpose by 2-3 stops to reveal the scene in a new light, maybe all-white or all-dark.

Remember that “Bored photographers = Boring photographs” is more true than “Boring Places = Boring photographs”.

Even if you take a picture of the same thing every day, you’ll discover that they are not the same at all.
 Each time something is different. Your images are similar but different. There is always something new. The way you see things. The light. The mood.
Something is always different. something has changed, whether it is the place or it is you.

Here are my pictures, taken at one location, different days.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned!
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