Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The 15th Week of 2017 in Photos “The Art of Sumi-e.”

"A flower and a ladybug" by E. Zevakina

Sometimes you just have to get away from the routine of your everyday life. It doesn’t have to be a long vacation. It can just be any workshop.
I decided to take a workshop on sumi-e. I can’t draw or paint, but I want to find a new source of creativity.
A workshop on sumi-e.

The brush painting originated in China many centuries ago and spread to Japan where it became known as sumi-e. “Sumi” means ink and “e” means picture. The sumi-e instruments are: a brush, ink, ink stone and rice paper.
This form of art is more about the ability to capture the spirit of nature rather than a photographic likeness.

"Flowers" by E. Zevakina

 Elena Zevakina is a sumi-e artist from Chelyabinsk, Russia. She has been practicing sumi-e for 7 years and teaching in Russia for about 3. She says that sumi-e gives you harmony, helps to cope with stress and helps to learn new ways to artistically express yourself.

A sumi-e artist E.Zevakina with a young student.

You don’t have to have done any kind of art to start learning sumi-e.
Many people take it for the fun and for the meditative process.
During the workshop.

During the workshop you receive the information about the history of this art form, its technique. You discover the wonderful joy of studying brush painting. After the workshop you are able to create your own piece of sumi-e art.

Understanding the sumi-e technique.

Creating a piece of sumi-e art.

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