Saturday, April 29, 2017

The 16th Week of 2017 in Photos “Mannequins.”

“In the 1920s, realistic dolls with sculpted wax heads and glass eyes became “mannequins” as we know them today.

Why do we love mannequins? Are we looking at them? Or are they looking at us?
 We love them covered in dust or wearing the clothes from the last fashion collection. Some of them make us laugh. Some of them touch our hearts. Perhaps you even feel the sadness.

Artists, crafters and florists are experimenting with diverse poses for mannequins, their sizes and colors for all kinds of creative projects.

“A mannequin can be a tool, but it also enables the artist to manipulate the emotions or reactions of the viewer. There are all sorts of stories of artists and mannequins cohabiting a studio; both in literature and art, such as The Tales of Hoffmann. A man would fall in love with an inanimate mannequin... But later in the 19th century, the paintings suggest a more troubled relationship; a relationship that isn't defined.”                                                                                             Jane Munro

“In the same way mannequins resemble people, fiction resembles life”.                                                                                            Marty Rubin

“Models are there to look like mannequins, not like real people. Art and illusion are supposed to be fantasy”.                                                                                              Grace Jones

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